7 UPs Inc

 7 UP's Mission is to share the Word of God with God's People by using our website and weekly e-mail to have each share the Ecclesiastes of assembles of people gathering with The Three, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit which is always a meeting of Four while reading His Holy Word from your personal e-mail....

To accomplish the 7 UPs Mission, we share a weekly email. This email is designed to provide a small amount of scripture, some short announcements and some prayer concerns. There are links to the full liturgical lesson for both the Catholics as well as the Protestant (Methodist North Georgia Conference). There are also links to the 7UPSINC.org site and the 7UPS.org site where you may find additional links to greatly enhance bible research and/or enjoy some music or articles from fellow 7 UPpers.

We have Reflective Thoughts from a fellow 7 Upper who is one of our Spiritual Advisors, Fr. Jack Vessels, who is a Jesuit Priest, first from Atlanta @ St. Ignatius, then Louisiana, then Texas and presently the Spiritual Director of Manrea Retreat house on the Banks of the Mississippi where over a 100 men meet each week to be with their God in their search for Truth and Spirit with Him. Jack provides a reflection on a theme found in the current weeks lesson. His thoughts are also short to the point with great-rich meaning-don't miss.

In addition to the email, 7 UPs have some actual meetings that are held weekly, the lesson is read out loud and then thoughts are shared among the group as to possible meanings in our life and in our relations with others.

Each 7 UP meeting is conducted with variations to meet the needs of the group.

For example: At Wednesday's St. Ignatius meeting, the lesson is read out loud with one person reading the first reading another person reading the Psalms, another reading the second reading and then after the Gospel is read there is a moment of Meditative Silence (approx. 10 minutes) in which the individual reflects on the readings and listens to the Holy Spirit.

The meeting at the Tennis Facility in Dunwoody starts off with coffee, pastries and fellowship followed by prayer concerns, individual and group announcements, followed by the rotation of the readings among Table Group members which is then followed by open discussion of the readings. This is followed by a closing prayer before the group break to tables of smaller groups for continued bible studies and discussions.

During good weather, frequently following the 7 UPs meeting at RiverPine Golf Course where the Word of God via the liturgical lesson has been discussed, there is the opportunity to continue the fellowship on a 9 Hole 3 Par course.

If you rare interested in starting a weekly meeting of another 7 UPs Group give us a call at 770-330-7877 or contact us via email at
our7ups@hotmail.com, - les7ups@aol.com.

Once started the only rules we have are: 1." We never not meet," 2. "Leave Your judgments at the door," ( In Texas It's Leave your Guns at The Door), We welcome thoughts and sharing of thoughts realizing they are our own commentary in seeking the Truth in Our Own Lives and Sharing Them. We try to realize as a group, All final Judgments are for Our Lord God, Our Savior Christ Jesus and we rest in that Truth for our Life Eternity.

If you would like to share the lesson with others, please send us an email providing First Name, Last Name and Email address.

God Bless,

Les WashingtonFacilitator/President
Phone: 770-330-7877, 770-265-7777
Fax: 770-451-7758
Office: 770-451-7117 ext. 777

Weekly Meetings:
Wednesday's @ 7:07 AM in the Chapel at St. Ignatius (Jon Martindale - 770-451-7117 ext. 776)
Thursday's @ 7:27 AM at River Pine Golf Club
Friday's @ 7:07 AM at Tennis Center Dunwoody CC
Saturday's @ 9:27 AM at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Stone Mnt. Room #6
Fridays or Anyday follow Keith Washington model
Lesson's Over Lunch- 678-428-2444