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Bible Translations:
Bible Translations (Various) - Bible Gateway 
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Things to Think On: 
Reflections on the Mass - Fr. Jack Vessles 
Fr. Peter Rookey - Miracle Prayer   
Prayer For Annoiting
Being Spiritually Handicapped
Life Celebration - Les on Travels
7 Statements On The Cross
How Great Thou Art 
Time Table - Ed Bryant 
Who Is Satan? Alfred Sawyer 
Back from the Dead
Priest Invocation - Colorado Republican Convention
Prayer For Our Nation
Les' Path To Eternity 
John Patrick - Book The Bright Dark Night of the Soul 
Bev Shea - How Great Thou Art  
One Nation Under God  
Jesus Birth and Crucifixion
God Birthing The Man Child
Passover Week

Other Websites/Other Religions/Other Beliefs

Georgia Mens Advance - FGBMFA 
Creation Science - (Young Earth Theory) 
Noah's Flood Evidence
A Day in Hell - The Matthew Botsford Story
Josh McDowell
Skit Guys    
Longevity Table
To Help You Better Understand What You Believe:
Wednesday Crucifixion, Nisan 14 (April 13, 32 AD)
3 Days 3 Nights - Nisan 14, 33 AD

Bible Prophecy - Newsletter 
Islam  - Iraj's website 
A Rabbi's Definition of Truth 
The Truth Project - Dobson's Focus on the Family 
5,000 Years of Religions in 90 Seconds
Walk Thru The Bible 
Jewish Feast with Christian Interpretation 
TBN's Seed of Woman
Book of Jasher (Joshua 10:13; 2 Samuel 1:18) 
Book of Wisdom (Douay Rhems)
Camels and Dromedaries 
Daniels Timeline YouTube 1:56:41 
Perry Stone - God's Timetable
Day1,org - 3rd Advent - Dr. Baggott 
Spiritual Links
Map of Paul's Journeys 
Wednesday - 7 UPpers

Video on the Net 
Dallas Painting of Resurrection 
Tamara Lowe You Tube 
Painting of Resurrection - Texas 
Amazing Grace - 4 Tenors 
Amazing Grace - Wintley Phipps 
Amazing Grace - Bagpipes 
Amazing Grace - Flute 
The Four Candles 
Rapping to Grace 
Evolution VS God