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 7 UP's Mission is to share the Word of God with God's People by using our website and weekly e-mail to have each share the Ecclesiastes of assembles of people gathering with The Three, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit which is always a meeting of Four while reading His Holy Word from your personal e-mail....

"The I am Cross"

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Become a 7 UPs member either by joining us at one of our weekly meetings, start your own
7 UPs group, or just read the weekly email  and chew on God's Word as you reflect on your
life, the life of your family or the lives of friends and co-workers.     Feel free to forward this
email to others and if you have received this email because someone forwarded it to you, let
us know and we will add you to our7ups email list.

7 UPs CrossPenny

Story of Rich Man
and the Penny